Nutra Blend prides itself not only in supporting the industries that produce the food, but also understands its role in helping to feed an ever-growing and hungry world.

Nutra Blend partners with you to help feed kids in your community.

As a pillar of Nutra Blend’s culture and purpose, Drive to Feed Kids is an opportunity to help support those who cannot feed themselves in the communities NB customers live and work.


Nutra Blend customers can parcitipate in Drive to Feed Kids. Use the sign up form below to enroll in the program. Your NB Sales representative will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Host a Drive to Feed Kids Event

Hosting a local fundraiser is a great way to raise funds for your local backpack program while engaging with your community. View the event guide to learn how you can host your own Drive to Feed Kids.

Make a Donation

If you are a participant in the Nutra Blend Customer Rewards Program, you can donate your rewards points to make a donation of funds, milk or meat sticks to your local backpack program. Sign in to your NBCRP account to get started.

Drive to Feed Kids Forms

If you are a current member of Drive to Feed Kids, our forms can be accessed here.

Event Guide

Drive to Feed Kids events is the most effective way to raise money for hungry kids in your community. Our event guide gives you the tools to host your own fundraiser.


Event Summary Form

Let Drive to Feed Kids know how your event went. Complete the Event Summary form to document your success.


Auction Item Request Form

Drive to Feed Kids has a selection of items that can be donated as raffle items for your fundraiser. Complete the form to request these items for your event.


Food Donation Form

Drive to Feed Kids offers your backpack programs healthy protein sources through meat sticks and shelf stable milk.


Funds Request Form

Once you have completed setup of your charity, use the Funds Request form to make a donation.


Media Request Form

Drive to Feed Kids wants to help promote your event. We can help design and print various media to help with the marketing of your event. Use the form to request what you need.


Donation Setup Form

To make a donation to your local backpack program for the first time, complete the setup form with your charity’s information.