Micro Ingredients

Nutra Blend’s robust product catalog offers you a variety of high quality, nutritional micro ingredients to fit your needs. Thousands of micro ingredients are available, in straights or blends, such as vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, amino acids and more.

Macro Ingredients

Major feed ingredients such as soy bean meal, DDGs, salt, calcium and many more can be found in our macro ingredient product catalog. Our macro ingredients are sourced by our expert merchandisers available in bulk, truck or rail.


Custom Premixes

Nutra Blend offers custom premix manufacturing and blending services for all micro ingredient premix needs. We have multiple blending lines located strategically throughout the U.S. Our dedicated manufacturing staff and formulation team works with you to provide you with efficient, effective premixes and blends made according to your needs at the highest quality standards.

The Nutra Blend difference - going above and beyond for our customers.

Every order is handled with the utmost care.

Unparalleled customer advocacy.

Our philosophy is the success of our customer creates our success. Our first consideration is always what is best for the customer.

Ordering made simple.

Order how you want, when you want. We provide the personal touch of a dedicated customer representative to comprehensive and advanced tools like the E-Store to complete your orders.

Nationwide trucking and logistics.

For over 40 years, Nutra Blend has been an industry leader in logistics servicing the contiguous U.S. We have dedicated route trucks for ordering flexibility and our customer’s warehousing efficiency.

Why it Matters

A miniscule amount of micro ingredients affects thousands of pounds of feed.

1 Bag

of Vitamin A (55 lbs)

can affect

275,000 tons

of complete broiler feed

Exponential Impact

Every pound of micro ingredients affects thousands of pounds of complete feed. We understand the impact our ingredients have on animals, therefore, it is our company’s goal to provide the best animal nutrition available.

Every pound of product is tracked at Nutra Blend. From it’s procurement to delivery, we ensure our products are handled safely and meets all standards and requirements.

The health and safety of animals is top priority at Nutra Blend. We understand the importance of providing high quality nutrition that is safe and secure for the overall health of the animal.